A Journey of Faith, Hope, and Love Across Texas, Rome, and The Holy Land

When life threatens to destroy you and all seems lost, there is only One who can penetrate the darkness and light the path forward.

Told with poignancy, depth, and authenticity, BEYOND THE VEIL is one woman’s story of her descent into despair and desolation and the love, hope, and healing she eventually found. During the early hours of Easter Sunday, seventeen-year-old Araceli (Sally) Cardenas lost her mother and home in a tragic accident. She carried a heavy burden of guilt and shame from then on, as if she had been driving the truck that fateful night.

She left the sorrows of Brownsville, Texas, and everything she knew in an attempt to bury her past. But during a trip to Rome, a random encounter led her to a man whose kindness captivated her and gave her the courage to embark on a new life abroad. She moved to Italy to claim true love, romance, and a sense of belonging as a wife and mother, but the pain, guilt, and trauma she had struggled to hide since childhood resurfaced, ripping apart her marriage and hope for a family.

Rejected and alone, Cardenas turned to her lifelong companion, Jack Daniels, only to slip further until nothing was left. Through a series of events and new people in her life, she finally surrendered to the only man who could truly save her—Jesus Christ.

“Who do you say I am?”

Stirred by His question, she traveled to the Holy Land looking for answers and found a heavenly Father who taught her that He alone is the redeeming love that fills every longing heart and removes the burdens we were never meant to carry. BEYOND THE VEIL is a message of hope for any woman who feels she has destroyed her marriage (and life) with her own hands and is surrounded by nothing more than shattered glass, standing in the ruins of her life.

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Books Details

Beyond the Veil: A Journey of Faith, Hope, and Love Across Texas, Rome, and the Holy Land

by Araceli (Sally) Cardenas-Bon
Release date: 2024
Genre: Christian Non-Fiction/Memoir

Categories: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Marriage & Long-Term Relationships RELIGION / Christian Life / Women’s Issues / Death, Grief, Bereavement / Spiritual Growth