Watch out, Buddy!
Move out of the way, Baby, it’s moving day!

Change is hard and can be scary, but it can also lead to exciting adventures. When Buddy moves to Rome, Italy, this hilarious doggy couple shows us how it’s done.

Bound along with these loveable pups as they explore their new city. But will they find their way back home, or will a meddlesome cat mess up their plans? Find out in this delightfully furry, paw-print-packed story!

Special features:

  • Glossary of Italian words that are easy to learn and fun to use
  • Illustrated map of the historical places in Rome so kids can follow along with Buddy and Baby’s adventure
  • Interactive feature for kids to find the hidden cat throughout the pages

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Book #1 in the Wooftastic Adventures in Italy with Buddy and Baby Series!

Follow this unlikely duo on their fuzzy, fun-filled adventures around Rome, Florence, Venice, and beyond Italy. This wooftastic series inspires us to get along with others, no matter our shape or size, showing how our differences are what make us unique!

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Hardcover Picture Book, Paperback, E-book
32 pages × 8 1/2 x 11 × Ages 3 to 7
Available in: English edition
Future titles: (Bilingual) [Spanish, Italian]
Wooftastic Adventures in Italy with Buddy and Baby
Themes: Change/Diversity/Friendship/Adventure